Community Update

We had an incredible year on the Shore.

We are closing our greatest fiscal year since our founding in November 2009, thanks to the July 2016 capital campaign. But before I get to the highlights, there is one critical fact I must assert: everything that we achieved at the end of our last fiscal year on June 30, was thanks to the support and generosity of each one of you. There are over 500 donors listed on the next page who range from individuals, government bodies, and local organizations, to businesses, foundations, and dozens and dozens of volunteers who have generously donated their time. The second phase of our capital campaign is focusing primarily on Shore businesses and as you will see, the response in this very initial phase has been almost as satisfying as the individual donation campaign phase.

Thanks to you, we are two-thirds of the way to our goal of establishing a Regional Library in Parksley. Our reputation for community involvement, scholarship, stewardship and continuing education are outstanding assets that you have supported. We have unparalleled opportunities to make the ESPL even better.

That is exactly what we intend to do.

Our mission is to assure great outreach and education with focused programs. The new facility in Parksley is fundamental to attaining this goal. We want to engage all citizens and students, from preschool toddlers learning to love stories to continuing education Road Scholars who love learning. Everyone will have a better understanding of the possibilities that unlimited knowledge and personal exchange offer. Just this past year we have managed to hire a children’s librarian who serves all four libraries, set up summer programs for kids, and increase our number of card carrying users to 17,433 people, an 8% increase over last year against 4% the previous year.


Ongoing Help

We are serving more members of the community with a network of services. There is still important work to be done. We need your ongoing help to keep the current year moving with the same momentum we reached in 2016. This is why I am asking you to continue to spread the word about the regional library, donate, and pledge.

While we receive partial funding from government, it does not meet the project budget needs. We depend on people just like you to help preserve and share Northampton’s, Accomack’s, and our world’s culture and heritage.

On behalf of everyone in the Eastern Shore Public Library system, the Board of Trustees, and the Foundation, I thank you for your support, friendship and generosity as we push toward our goal of breaking ground in September 2018. If we are as successful this year as we were last, there will be no problem, but it all comes down to everyone participating and giving to our concrete cause: bricks and mortar for the Parksley Regional Library.

As the charts show, less than half of the money we need for the Regional library comes from the government. So far, we have received over half a million dollars from private individuals, businesses and foundations.

Future and Past Contributions
in $Million (As of July 19, 2017) 

Current Trends and Historical Expenditures
in $Million (As of July 19, 2017)


A Proud Record of Fiscal Responsibility

We have only spent a fraction of the money we have raised so far; the major expenditure has been the site in Parksley (which remains an asset). Our actual outlays for fundraising, architectural fees, and capital campaign expenses, amount to less than five percent of funds raised since 2010. Most of that money was raised in the last year and a half, thanks to you.

We cannot make it alone with just donations from Foundations and Businesses. We still need your support in word and in deed. Plan now to make your contribution or pledge.

We need you. You need us. We all need each other.


Thank you!


John W. Edmonds, IV
Chairman, Eastern Shore Public Library Foundation