Eastern Shore Public Library Holds Children’s Event at Future Location

Eastern Shore Public Library held an outdoor children’s festival at their future location in Parksley.  Held on April 30th, “El Día de los Niños, El Día de los Libros” marked the traditional Mexican date of a national children’s day.  Central and South American countries also celebrate children on a special day, much like Mother’s and Father’s Day in the United States.  The event was co-sponsored by La Fabulosa 95.5 FM radio station which streamed the event live.

Over 300 people attended the event which included juggler Cascading Carlos, taquieria food trucks, and over eleven community groups with information tables and giveaways.  Library staff and volunteers had children’s games and gave away books.  Visitors spontaneously collected donations for the new regional library because of their excitement for the space and programs it will be able to offer their children.