Who We Are

The Eastern Shore Public Library (“ESPL”) is a regional library system comprising  a library in Accomac, a branch library in Nassawadox and two affiliated libraries in Chincoteague and Cape Charles.


John Edmonds

The Regional Library in Parksley is just the beginning of the Foundation’s commitment to the Eastern Shore Public Library System. We are lacking the final 15 percent. Then we can move on to smaller, and equally important projects: completing the endowment for the an archivist, getting computers for the Island Library, a new addition for the Northampton Free Library, and a study for expanding the Cape Charles Memorial Library.

Education, real education leads everyone to continue to grow all their lives long. Your library system mirrors real education as each affiliate library develops and grows.


Cara Burton

Our world had changed since 1964 when the Accomac library was built. We don’t need to “know,” we need to understand.  How can we teach our children to do this without a community space with open access to learn, create, and share?

I returned to the Eastern Shore of Virginia because I like to walk down the street and say, “Hi, neighbor!”  Vibrant public libraries help us maintain that.  We are the place making connections. 

Lynn Badger head shot web.jpeg

Lynn Badger

We're excited about the building of our new library! Even though we currently have adapted and continue to adapt to the digital age there is still more we can accomplish. Our new regional library will be better able to give needed support to our affiliate libraries in Chincoteague, Nassawadox and Cape Charles.


Betty Kerns



Kitty Hall

I believe that a strong library will transform the community, creating the environments where people can come and change their own lives. This is why I donate time and money for the building of a new library.

Kitty is a member of the Eastern Shore Public Library Board of Trustees and a Director of the Eastern Shore Public Library Foundation.


Colette Nelson

Having been involved with the Eastern Shore Public Library for over 30 years (both as a former employee and as a volunteer), I see firsthand the impact our libraries have on the lives of our citizens, especially the lives of our children. We must come together to help the Eastern Shore Public Library continue its good work. By honoring our past, strengthening our connections with each other and investing in our future through our children, the Eastern Shore will become stronger.


Fitz Godwin

I enthusiastically support the new regional library at Parksley.  The Eastern Shore of Virginia is the place my family has called home since the Colonial days.  My personal interest in Eastern Shore History and Genealogy is advanced tremendously in the expanded Center for History and Genealogy in the new library.  I join my family and friends to help make the new library a reality by making generous donations.


Kim Miles

A library is the pulse of a community, always active, fostering life and learning.


Carol Callander

Libraries allow everyone access to all types of information and adventures. People can fine adventures in novels; children can find all types of adventures in children’s books. In Libraries people have access to information in non-fiction and/or over the internet. Movies are available through libraries. A library is a place to find out all types of information about our world and quite often about ourselves.


Dr. Arthur Fournier

Our libraries are the only public institution that exists for everyone, no matter their age or station in life.

Jay Davenport.JPG

Jay Davenport

Our library system contributes knowledge, opportunity, and pleasure to the residents of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. This is true for folks of all ages, from pre-schoolers to mature citizens. It is my honor to be part of the team which works to maintain and enhance the extensive free services which the library offers to all. Our new main library building (and the related Heritage Center), will begin construction this year due to the widespread financial support it has received from local and state government, businesses, and especially the residents of the Shore. Now is the time for us all to step up and contribute support for this wonderful new community asset. The best is yet to come.